Baby Lion A lion cub who makes it his pastime to poke fun at his friends. Wishing to become an adult he goes around wearing false mane, which often gets him into a perplexing situation. Though his crafty disposition could make him an unsavory character, he tends to act first than think when he sees a friend in difficulty, thus “involuntarily” helping him/her. Pink Ostrich A female ostrich living in a golf course. She wishes to live a graceful and beautiful life, accordingly to her name. However, her real life is full of incidents ruining her image. She likes to put her head into the ground, so that it is her pastime to put her head into a golf hole to rest. Other kids keep distance from her at first because of her princess syndrome, but it changes after they see the comedian behind the princess mask.       Sleepy Elephant A baby elephant who has nothing but great physical strength. Being dumber than Keaton, a gold fish with only a 5 IQ, he easily forgets any serious concerns, which makes him look like a “good-natured baby elephant.” His only worry is that he is too strong. He often makes chaos of Sunny Land against his will with only a fraction of his power. Cynical Fish He lives in the water and out of the water, that is amphibious like a mudskipper. He boasts the highest IQ among fish (5, when average for fish is 2) and recollects Wood’s ‘bad memories’ for him. When someone’s in jeopardy, he unconsciously performs the miracle of running on the ground, which nobody perceives as such. He is very curious.        
Mischievous Baby Gorilla He was born to a monkey dad and a gorilla mom. After coming to Sunny Land apart from his mom, Doong doong  makes a turmoil in Sunny Land with a variety of incidents. He loves music and dancing so much as to forgo a meal, and swallows friends’ teasing until at last explodes. He grows through the interactions with his friends and then, sets out on a journey to find his mom. Copyright © 2011 Sunnyside All rights reserved