Story Concept This is not about all nice intentions and good deeds. As there is their own rule of survival even among kindergartens, there are rivalries, quarrels, jealousy, and the reality of the survival of the fittest in Sunny Land.  Each episode depicting the reality of relationships instead of idealization will present viewers with different kinds of amusement. The friends in Sunny Land are going to experience the same conflicts and rivalries our kids have in their real lives, but in a more exaggerated, funny, and various settings. Copyright © 2011 Sunnyside All rights reserved Synopsis Doongdoong, Toy, Wood, Charming and Keaton are the inhabitants of the small world of Sunny Land. Although appearing nice and kind, they get into fierce rivalry for a small thing, make brutal fun of each other’s weakness, do not yield an inch, like usual four year olds would. Especially Doongdoong is the champion of mischief and always causes trouble for his friends. These rogues change, however. A friend hurt by a joke,  some tumultuous events, a defeat or a regrettable victory in a competition all serve to change them. Going through bizarre and fun episodes, tasting the pain of growth, they are in the course of learning to live in harmony with others “in a way.” Friends who fought mercilessly for a banana come to risk themselves to help Charming, the ostrich who wants to fly, to realize her wish.   Survival of the crafty? Quick wits and tricks rule for these cute animal friends living together in Sunnyland Getting bored by all goody-goody and cute garden variety stories? Waiting for a real , down-to-earth story where they  fight and  then brush it off to be friends again, like our little kids do? Then, you’ll love Doongdoong, who will guide you to a new world.